Welcome to Feedbackly demostore!

This webshop showcases different use cases of our feedback-solution for eCommerce and websites. Browse freely, each page presents different use case for how to leverage Feedbackly throughout the whole customer journey.





Front-page plugin

For gathering leads and emails for your marketing database

Set to trigger for all visitors

Feedbackly sponsored iPhone-competition to attract respondents

Discount coupon sent to email of a respondent automatically based on the feedback they've given



Other examples in this demoshop:

Product -page plugin

Make sure your visitors have found everything and decrease basket churn. Offer discounts if they are unhappy visitors to convert them to customers.


After purchase -page popup & link

Ask for feedback from your customers and create automated feeling-based upsell offers to sell them more. Up to 50% of your customers will give you feedback after a purchase.


Email feedback link

Include feedback to order & delivery -emails and offer upsell possibilities through feedback.


Upsell Features

Offer each visitor or customer automated instant upsell-offers based on the feedback they give you and collect their emails to your marketing database.